Information represents one of the most valuable assets that any organization possesses. When it’s well managed, you make well informed, intelligent business decisions. When information is not properly controlled and channeled, business risks and associated costs can spiral out of control making it almost impossible to keep up with the competition.

eMerge harnesses the power of your business information, allowing you to realize a distinct competitive advantage. We are a regional provider of full featured, easy to use and most importantly affordable Electronic Content Management (EC) and technology solutions. We maintain a secure, high volume production facility that gives our customers a cost effective alternate to scanning or converting large volume projects in house. eMerge also welcomes you to leverage our long history of proven industry and technology experience to take your organization to new levels of efficiency. We urge you to utilize our professional services to compliment your internal staff and develop a sustained, effective ECM program. eMerge provides the insights, expertise and tools to get the most from your information. We bring valuable information to your fingertips so that you can get on with business of running your company.

All eMerge products and services focus on improving your business by providing cost effective solutions for your information management challenges.


Information. It represents one of the most valuable assets that any business or organization possesses. eMerge harnesses the power of business information and keeps it working for you. The results are improvements and benefits that just can’t be achieved with “traditional” ways of managing information. The impact can be felt throughout an organization, from high level executives to customer service reps and office clerical staff. People work smarter. Information becomes knowledge. And putting knowledge to work means uncommon results and positive momentum that simply makes your business better.

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