The information contained in billing records, patient medical records and medical insurance claims is vital to any healthcare organization and represents it's most important asset. eMerge EDM solutions allow healthcare organizations to manage all information in one location, with secure access to the information from anywhere in the world. Operational efficiency is dramatically improved and the high costs associated with managing information in a paper-based environment are eliminated. Staff and physicians in different locations can review patient records at the same time. Retrieving necessary information in seconds improves the patient experience and transforms internal business operations. Your documents are never lost, never misfiled and never unavailable.


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Data Delivery, an ImageSilo® service, places a copy of all of your electronic information in your hands whenever you need it for high availability applications. The introduction of Data Delivery makes ImageSilo®customers the first on-demand ECM customers with the option of receiving a copy of corporate information delivered electronically or physically to any location in the world.