Our Team

For more than two decades, eMerge has been helping businesses remedy a wide range of information management problems. As a full service provider, we offer the best and most cost effective solutions available backed by years of practical experience.

To deliver effective solutions, we know that it’s all about the effective mix of our people, technology and the support and experience that we provide. Every employee at eMerge understands that our customers expect us to perform at levels that make them “wildly” successful. That being said, it’s also what each eMerge staff member expects from themselves. We enjoy the experiences that we have and generate when we work with our customers. We like to keep the attitude upbeat. We believe that you will see that in our every action. Honestly, we just care about our customers.

At eMerge, our employees have an average tenure of employment of eight years. Many of us have more than 15 years of experience in the information management field. This adds considerably to the value and experience we provide to you. We are committed to the ongoing support and development of our employees which improves the quality of life for them, our customers and our community.

Throughout our history, we have always focused on delivering exceptional levels of customer service. That focus will never change. With exceptional employees, we know that we cannot fail to exceed all of your expectations.

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Did you know that PaperVision® Enterprise (PVE) can integrate with 95% of Microsoft Windows® desktops worldwide?

Technology analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) report that there are approximately 390 million Windows operating-system installations around the world. Of the versions in use, our solution, PaperVision Enterprise, now integrates with 95% of Windows compatible software with virtually no coding or programming!