eMerge provides ECM solutions that solve multiple business problems across a wide variety of industries. Provided below are examples of how our solutions are being utilized


Local law enforcement was faced with growing administrative and cost burdens with departmental information. The number of documents being generated was continuing to grow and, because the information had to be referenced often and provided to not only internal staff but the public, costs for managing the information was out of control. eMerge implemented an ECM solution that allows convenient public access to documents directly from their website. Confidential documents are kept secure, and access is limited to only the individuals requiring access. Administrative time was slashed by 90%, and 5 police officers who were previously utilized to manage and retrieve paper reports were reassigned to crime fighting tasks that better serve the public. The highly flexible and scalable solution continues to keep administrative costs to a minimum while the security of confidential information is maintained.

Service Industry

A commercial cleaning service company serving 43 states nationwide had what they called “an administrative nightmare”. Tracking payroll and HR records for 1000+ employees was a growing problem. The current paper-based process in place was very labor intensive and offered few advantages for the future. eMerge analyzed the current business process and recommended an ECM solution that allows staff members to capture, share, retrieve and manage employee records on an ongoing basis. After implementation, information retrieval was reduced to a fraction of the original time. The eMerge solution and recommended strategies saved an estimated 75% in labor costs over the previous process. These successes led to expansion of the ECM solution in other areas of the company, providing additional return on investment and creating several more opportunities for improving company performance and reducing costs.


A foster care family service agency serving more than 1000 children and their families in eight states had to find a better way to share information. Organizational divisions in several states were inefficient and the costs to keep information flowing was becoming unmanageable. In addition, adhering to regulatory compliance with regard to the security of confidential information was proving to be nearly impossible in the current highly paper intensive process. A previous initiative to scan documents was proving ineffective and a better solution was needed. eMerge installed a highly scalable ECM solution that quickly brought the multi-state business process under control. eMerge converted all previously scanned documents from a proprietary format, centralizing archive files as well as current business information. Offices around the country scan their documents, while the corporate headquarters manages and securely maintains the collected information. Early benefits and cost savings led to expansion of the ECM solution to other areas of the organization where similar results are also being achieved.


Healthcare providers are faced with many ongoing challenges of running an efficient business. In an industry where the timely and accurate delivery of business information is crucial to every day operations, regulatory requirements also demand that information remain secure and delivered to only those who require access. One such local healthcare provider was struggling to reduce expenses while at the same time improve the level of service provided to customers. eMerge assisted by providing a solution that eliminates paper from the business process and delivers information to the desktop of service representatives, providing immediate answers to customer inquiries. In our production facility, eMerge converts nearly 1.5 million paper records annually for this healthcare provider as a true extension of their daily business operations. Each day, converted documents are securely transmitted and made available on the desktops of the customer service representatives. Both on-site and off-site storage costs have been eliminated and the need to hire additional staff has been also averted.


Managing the documentation required to maintain an efficiently run transportation company can be a daunting task. eMerge assisted a local trucking transportation and brokerage company to improve efficiency throughout its operations with the implementation of an effective ECM solution. Before the eMerge solution was in place, paper-based management of driver logs, invoices, accounts payable, personnel records and other company documentation was adding considerable expense to day to day operating costs. In addition, customer service was in need of improvement. A solution was needed to solve not only these concerns, but also assist with adhering to regulatory requirements in the heavily regulated trucking industry. With the eMerge solution in place, business documents are immediately scanned upon receipt and are available to all staff members as they serve customers. The system has allowed improvements in customer responsiveness to levels that were not attainable with the outdated paper based methods of managing information. A significant additional benefit was the reduction of risk that previously existed with maintaining all information in paper based form only – with all documents scanned, they achieved immediate disaster recovery benefits. For this company, file cabinets are a thing of the past.

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