ECM on the Go with MobileSilo!

By Bill Ozuk, President of eMerge

Employers want and need to empower employees on the go! Make it happen with MobileSilo! MobileSilo puts your business information at your fingertips from anywhere in the world! Talk about flexibility! This is the tool that On-The-Go professionals have been waiting for! From the convenience of your mobile device you can view documents, approve document workflows, even capture documents while walking down the street or, sitting by the pool.

No more time lost waiting to get back to the office to keep the work moving. You’ll gain maximum efficiency and convenience and stay focused on the most important thing - your customers.

With MobileSilo, you’ll extend your eMerge ImageSilo® or PaperVision Enterprise® to mobile devices and all major desktop browsers. MobileSilo is designed for mobile devices and desktops alike, with our current list of supported devices including tablet PCs, iPads, iPhones & Android devices. MobileSilo also runs in Safari (yes, it runs on Apple devices), Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Want more? How about an included eForms application that can eliminate paper from your business processes altogether? Mobile-Silo eForms allows users to fill out electronically generated forms, sign eForms with a signature pad, stylus or mouse and submit those documents directly into workflows.

  • Security? Same as ImageSilo – only see or do what you are allowed
  • Implementing – Nothing to download – all web-based
  • Synching with ImageSilo and PaperVision – Real time, no delays
Want to know more or see MobileSilo in action? Contact your eMerge representative or let us know here. Contact Us

Letting Go of the Paper

By Bill Ozuk, President of eMerge

Preparing coffee each morning, driving the same route to the office each day, eating the same lunch, routing the same papers across the same co-worker’s desk - day in and day out. Although repetitive, these routine tasks provide a confident sense of security. Familiarity can often prevent us from making choices that are potentially beneficial to our business and making it difficult to move away from things that are comfortable. For many organizations, the reassurance of physically holding paper in our hands often is the difference of whether or not an organization can effectively move to a better position - where efficiency is high, operating costs are controlled and customers are consistently happy.

Make sure your company isn't sabotaging its own success by relying on excuses for not implementing an ECM system. Just because your company isn't ready to make the transition, doesn't mean that your competitors haven't already. Stop standing in the way of your own success. eMerge can help you get started or can elevate the impact that your existing ECM initiative. Call us! If you’re not happy with where you are today, we can help.

If you are the decision maker for such a considerable change, the challenge may seem daunting. If no one or no specific event is forcing you to make the change, how and when do you decide it’s the right time? And how do you get the support you need to make it happen.

Here are some helpful ways that you can move the process forward and get the results you desire. eMerge believes that a deliberate approach, considering all of the elements necessary for success is an essential part of the journey.

  • From the start, develop a plan that gets staff involved. Effectively communicate the initiative and build a project team that will embrace your vision, perfect it and drive it forward. Enthusiasm, commitment and strong communication and are just as important as understanding IT.
  • Document management is a proven technology with many success stories. Ask your vendor for references – not just when searching for a solution, but to offer advice during the implementation process.
  • Take advantage of your vendor’s knowledge. A reputable vendor, like eMerge, provides solutions rather than just products. Your vendor should be able to recommend partners whose offerings complement their own. Ask for their advice or engage them as a member of the project team to leverage their input.
  • ECM is an investment – know and understand it up front. And that investment doesn’t stop once the technology in place. Prepare yourself by considering all of the information management needs across the organization. The right system will grow with you for decades and serve your long-term needs.
  • Develop a staff communication plan that is complete. Make sure that the top level management who approved the initiative receives regular updates of the impact being achieved. Communicate the positive impact and improvements being made by individuals on staff. Celebrate your success! People love a winner and positive communication about success will keep driving momentum.

It can be difficult to loosen the grip on familiar way of doings things. But, on certain occasions, you need to recognize when it’s time to say goodbye to the old way of doing things. That includes manual business processes and the habit of holding on to your paper. While it may be overwhelming in the beginning, your bottom line is better off in the long run.

Need help saying goodbye to your paper or manual processes? Contact eMerge today and we’ll help to get you there!

Did You Know

PaperVision and ImageSilo include Records Retention

Simply stated, following established records retention and destruction processes reduce cost and risk. If you’re using ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise, you already own records retention and destruction capabilities that you can put to work for your business! Here’s how.

  • Document destruction dates can be set to ensure that documents are purged in a timely manner.
  • Document retention locks can ensure that documents cannot be deleted prior to their retention date.
  • Established policies can require that the destruction is manually approved prior to setting the destruction date, even on a per-document basis.
  • Multiple retention and destruction policies can be defined based on document index values or document creation date.
  • Administrators can run reports to identify documents approved for retention or destruction.

Need to know more? Call eMerge today and we will help!

Avoid the excuses that hold back your ECM progress

"There are only so many hours in the day". Likely everyone reading this has uttered that statement at one time or another. But there’s also the saying "There's no time like the present". At eMerge, we believe that using the latter as the mantra to get things done can be a difference maker. For organizations considering ECM (Electronic Content Management) technology or those that have made the commitment only to find that progress has stalled, here are a few things to consider that make sense:

ECM is too expensive. We can't afford it right now. - There are pricing options available that you may be unaware of (no matter what your size), such as a monthly fee based on usage. The options available allow costs savings to continue to fund the initiative. And between the cost savings and the cost avoidance you achieve from ECM, your ROI can "eMerge" very quickly. ECM may seem expensive; but when was the last time you calculated the cost of not implementing ECM? How much are you spending on paper, file cabinets, copier click charges and the labor to chase the paper in your office? Shifting those costs to a solution that eliminates them makes great business sense.


ECM is too complex. - In truth, it's simplifies things. Consider where your business processes would be if you hadn't made a transition to email. Or to a contemporary computing system. At some point, you made an investment in time, hardware, and possibly training in order to take advantage of advanced technology. Do the same with ECM and it too will be a powerful impact on your business.

We tried to implement ECM previously and we weren't successful - It's best to learn from your failures, and then move on. Find a vendor who takes the time to truly understand your business processes and can help you with implementation. Without help, the problem becomes that you don't know what you don't know. Technology is constantly moving forward and a good vendor will align you with solutions that leverage that technology.

We don’t want to make any dramatic changes to our current business processes. - It's comfortable to stay with the status quo. Fear of change can be a powerful deterrent. But don't fear ECM. Fear a volatile economy that may affect the spending habits of customers. Fear your competitors, who most assuredly are going to take advantage of this technology. Fear the inefficiencies and slowdowns that are inevitable results of prolonging a transition. Change is good, possibly a little scary, but embracing it means your future stays bright!

I don't really WANT an "ah-ha" moment. - Success has arrived when an ECM solution delivers what it promises at the exact time it's needed. When a customer is on the phone and "needs their invoice copy ASAP", when the boss "needs the Miller contract NOW"; when those needs are met efficiently in the normal course of daily business, the "ah-ha" moments will continue to happen and be a welcome change from the "information chaos" that many organizations without ECM continue to struggle with.

Make sure your company isn't sabotaging its own success by relying on excuses for not implementing an ECM system. Just because your company isn't ready to make the transition, doesn't mean that your competitors haven't already. Stop standing in the way of your own success. eMerge can help you get started or can elevate the impact that your existing ECM initiative. Call us! If you’re not happy with where you are today, we can help.Add Content...

The Elusive can be found – With OCR!

By Bill Ozuk, President of eMerge

Being able to easily search, access, store and share information is a vital part of any office workflow. As an organization grows, so too does their content. Complicating this further is the fact that searching and accessing documents takes time, which is only becoming less abundant.

eMerge helps organizations easily locate vital business information by adding OCR (Optical Character Recognition) image processing when providing outsource scanning services to our customers. Index-based searching is important and useful for most scanning projects, but it can also be time consuming and subject to human error. In most cases, OCR processing takes index based searching which is "good" and escalates it to excellent. And a combined search using both index field and OCR searching simultaneously can most often take you to the "one document" that needs to be located – ultimately what ECM is intended to do.

For a modest investment per image, OCR technology converts scanned document images back into searchable text, allowing specific key word searching that greatly reduces the time to locate documents and move them through day to day business processes. While any documents can certainly be OCR'd, specific document types lend themselves to being more "OCR Friendly" and will deliver significant time savings back to the business. Documents such as board minutes, contracts, and mortgage and insurance documentation are all prime targets. Whether it’s forms processing, paper transactions, records keeping or document archiving, there’s a huge need – and opportunity – for OCR.

In a real world example, working with paper based board minutes from an organization, a person on staff may take hours to sift through years of documents by request of the CEO to "find the meeting when Mr. Hazelmeyer attended and outlined the new pension plan". Contrast that significant effort with typing in a key word such as "Hazelmeyer" or "pension" within an ECM system and within seconds having the documents presented for review and emailing to the CEO. OCR delivers responsiveness to business that takes performance to new levels.

Talk to your eMerge representative or contact us. We'll help you explore how OCR technology can improve your business and deliver information precisely when and where it’s needed.

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Data Delivery, an ImageSilo® service, places a copy of all of your electronic information in your hands whenever you need it for high availability applications. The introduction of Data Delivery makes ImageSilo®customers the first on-demand ECM customers with the option of receiving a copy of corporate information delivered electronically or physically to any location in the world.