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Enterprise Content Management System15 years ago, internal Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems didn’t exist. Businesses would never have considered the cost or risk of “subscribing” to services to manage their critical business information. That’s a scary thought for today’s rapidly-changing business environment, where possessing an effective way to manage and secure both digital and paper documents has become a necessity.

For today’s businesses, the demands of Internet usage are considerably different than in years past. Internet transactions for the smallest of companies are a given, and the vast majority of those are both highly confidential and time sensitive (e-commerce, medical records, income tax filing, etc.) You need a simple, economical and secure solution for managing your digital content; your business requires a trusted Software as a Service (SaaS) content management solution like ImageSilo®.

Enterprise Content ManagementThanks to Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, the functionality of Enterprise Content Management systems has advanced significantly in recent years. ImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand service that gives organizations the ability to access any document anytime, from anywhere in the world. Utilizing a browser-based interface, the ImageSilo service offers all the same features and functionality of our on-premise Enterprise Content Management system, PaperVision® Enterprise.

ImageSilo eliminates the cost and administrative hurdles that accompany a traditional ECM technology investment. With ImageSilo, we make Enterprise Content Management technology affordable for businesses of any size and budget.

Consider some of these important benefits of an Enterprise Content Management system offered through a SaaS solution:

  • Eliminates need to purchase or license software
  • Unlimited scalability and data storage expansion
  • No capital expenditure for hardware or system implementation
  • Unlimited system users
  • Eliminates IT burdens – we maintain, monitor and manage the software, servers and storage
  • Five layers of security protect your business information
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed with elaborate backup strategies and multiple redundant systems

ImageSilo provides impressive SaaS functionality and integration capabilities, through an advanced technology infrastructure that in most cases would be cost prohibitive for an organization to deploy in-house. The ultimate benefit of ImageSilo service is the faster ROI (Return on Investment) with regard to the technology transformation. It all adds up to a solution that allows you to maintain your focus on your most important asset – your customers.

Learn more about ImageSilo® or if you have additional questions or would like to receive a demonstration from the comfort of your office of the power of ImageSilo, contact us or request a ImageSilo Demo.

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