COLD Processing

COLD ("Computer Output to Laser Disk") technology allows organizations to process, index, organize and display print streams in an easy-to-read electronic format. COLD technology can reduce or even eliminate printing and storage costs associated with large volumes of electronic reports, and will help to streamline your business operations by making report information manageable and searchable.

Once processed, your report data becomes much easier and less costly to manage, print or distribute. When stored in our ECM solution, you can then leverage all the security, scalability and reliability to guarantee the integrity and availability of the information to those who need it. Your business information, secure yet available instantly from any desktop.

Consider these benefits:

  • Reduction or elimination of paper consumption for report printing
  • Manage everything from one system to search, index, display and distribute reports
  • Distribute information quickly and cost effectively by searching and emailing reports
  • Significant cost savings over the traditional “print and scan” approach
  • Full-text searching of all report data to help pinpoint key words within report pages
  • Improved response time to customers
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Did you know that PaperVision® Enterprise (PVE) can also integrate with NON-Windows® computer systems?

Hundreds of thousands of PCs connect daily to non-Windows mainframe and mini-computer systems to perform everyday business tasks through the use of a communication bridge, commonly referred to as terminal emulation software. PVE integrates with these NON-Windows® terminals, bringing your mainframe information seamlessly into your Digitech document and content management system. And don't forget that PVE's optional component, Report Management, can automatically organize and bring order to the mountains of textual data generated by mainframes!