Image Indexing

When your business is performing at its peak, much can be attributed to the effective delivery of information when and where it’s needed. Whether it’s a customer service representative answering an invoice question for a customer, an engineer located across the globe leading an installation, or an employee looking for the latest company policies, each carries an importance that if handled effectively, can offer far reaching advantages for your business.

An often overlooked component of achieving this efficiency is the metadata that links the information to each end user community. eMerge provides image indexing and data entry services that does just that. Our experienced team understands the critical nature of the data entry services we provide and the impact that it has on the day to day operations of your company. eMerge employs stringent quality control measures and software tools that deliver accuracy and value. That means that the information that your business needs will be delivered without fail, anywhere and anytime it’s needed.

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With an estimated 578 million email users generating about 85 emails each daily with a continued growth rate of 40% annually, tracking can become a nightmare! Use PaperVision® Message Manager to obtain -and keep-control of email messages by capturing, storing, and retrieving them automatically in a single, searchable ECM system.