Change Management

Managing change is seen as a matter of moving from one state to another, specifically, from the problem state to the solved state. With change, there’s the potential for both positive and negative results that can be deeply influenced by the people and environments where the change is being introduced.

eMerge can identify and manage the changes that come with the implementation of our technology solutions to assure high levels of success. We provide a road map to guide behavior and decision making. We help focus on the human side of change; new leaders will be asked to step up, jobs will be changed, new skills and capabilities must be developed, and some employees may be uncertain and resistant. We develop a common baseline for designing essential change elements, such as the new corporate vision, and building the infrastructure and programs needed to drive change. By defining an explicit end-state or desired culture, and devising detailed plans for the transition, eMerge customers can achieve dramatic improvements with their ECM solutions in a much more confined timeframe.

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Did you know that PaperVision® Enterprise (PVE) can also integrate with NON-Windows® computer systems?

Hundreds of thousands of PCs connect daily to non-Windows mainframe and mini-computer systems to perform everyday business tasks through the use of a communication bridge, commonly referred to as terminal emulation software. PVE integrates with these NON-Windows® terminals, bringing your mainframe information seamlessly into your Digitech document and content management system. And don't forget that PVE's optional component, Report Management, can automatically organize and bring order to the mountains of textual data generated by mainframes!