System Audits for Enterprise Content Management

ECM Systems AuditSo you’ve made the investment in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology and the system is in place. Are you achieving everything that’s possible from your investment?  Are there areas needing attention that will move your initiative forward at a faster pace?  How do you know what you don’t know?

eMerge understands that in order to guarantee success with our solutions, you need to know not only where you’ve been, but where you’re heading. But measuring success with new technology can be next to impossible when you have no reference point to compare against. To help you recap your content management accomplishments, eMerge offers an ECM system audit as a measurement tool to help you gauge the level of success and progress of your ECM solution.

With every new Enterprise Content Management system purchased from eMerge, we provide a 90 day ECM system audit at no additional cost to you. We do this because we know that our success is directly related to yours. We will assess the following in your Enterprise Content Management system:

  • Identify areas where the new technology is not being leveraged to its fullest
  • Pinpoint areas where you may not quite be on course
  • Help identify new opportunities that exist to continue growing and improving your ECM

Enterprise Content Management System AuditsManaging information is not a destination, rather a continuous journey that requires regular attention. The experienced professionals at eMerge are committed to being a strong partner that you can rely on for all of your information management needs.

Determination of needs, selection of a system, and effective operation of an Enterprise Content Management solution is serious business. eMerge has the experience and professionals on staff to not only help you select and deploy a new system, but make the most of it by effectively assessing your system results.

Interested in learning more about our system audit services for your Enterprise Content Management solution?

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