Enhance your Process through PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow

PaperVision WorkFlow Automating business processes can take your business to new levels of performance by putting necessary data at your fingertips. By automated business processes, daily tasks  are streamlined and bottlenecks that hold back your business become a thing of the past putting you in control.

Best of all, eMerge offers PaperVision WorkFlow as an affordable option with our on-premise (PaperVision® Enterprise) or our on-demand (ImageSilo®) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. You increase your competitive advantage by electronically organizing, controlling and intelligently routing documents that drive your organization - from the office or from anywhere in the world.

Consider these benefits of a PaperVision WorkFlow business process management solution:

  • Electronically organize, control and route important corporate data quickly and easily
  • Track the process and alert users and administrators to work items that need to be completed so items never get lost in the process
  • Easy to use graphical, icon-based interface makes setting up the workflow process easy for non-technical administrators
  • WorkFlow tasks can include generating email messages with a document attached, providing notification and instant access
  • Single or multiple administrators can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of teams and workflow instances using their desktop computer or any workstation with network acces

At eMerge, our Enterprise Content Management solutions are tailored to meet your particular needs. Our team of experts will show you how effortlessly you can organize and manage the PaperVision system.

Interested in how a PaperVision WorkFlow solution can enhance your business process management?

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With an estimated 578 million email users generating about 85 emails each daily with a continued growth rate of 40% annually, tracking can become a nightmare! Use PaperVision® Message Manager to obtain -and keep-control of email messages by capturing, storing, and retrieving them automatically in a single, searchable ECM system.